Asphalt Shingles: Facts And Tips from Toronto Roofing Company Professionals

Asphalt Shingles: Facts And Tips from Toronto Roofing Company Professionals

Asphalt is the most widely used roofing material in the United States. If you are considering making use of these shingles in your new home, take a look at the following tips and facts compiled by Toronto Roofing Company experts:

Asphalt shingles don’t last forever
Actually, the best way to put it is that no roofing material will stay forever. Slate, which is the longest lasting roofing material, takes only about 70 to 120 years depending on how well it is cared for.

If you buy high quality asphalt shingles and take good care of them, they may serve you well for about 45 years. Afterwards, you will have to make an overall replacement.

The weight of asphalt is not a measure of its strength
You have to put away the notion that “heavy equals toughness” when it comes to roofing. While standardization stamps like ASTM might be good indicators that a product has met the minimum strength standards, do not rely entirely on them. The only people who can identify the most durable shingles are professionals who have worked in the roofing industry long enough.

Therefore, find one or more trustable roofing companies and seek their honest advice on what you should buy. You can send email enquiries to more than three or four long serving firms- including those that operate in other states- and pick the most common recommended product in all the replies you’ll get.

The core of a shingle determines its environmental suitability
The core of a brand of asphalt shingles will either compose of fiber glass or cellulose. For relatively warm climatic conditions, fiber glass mat cores will do. However, if the home is situated in a windy region, or where snow falls at least on a yearly basis, go only for cellulose core.

Checking your roof periodically reduces long term costs
Leakages can be easily sealed at their onset; some leakage points however aren’t readily visible, and might need the keen eye of an expert to locate.

In addition, when you notice dark patches on your roof, this might indicate the presence of algae. The organisms feed on asphalt materials; so if you let them grow, you might be forced to do a full roof replacement soon. Have them professionally removed for the safety of your pockets.

Using unlicensed persons to fix or repair your roof may nullify product warranty
Most of the terms and conditions of roofing products require that they be installed and repaired by qualified personnel. Failing to observe this may render a warranty void.

When choosing a person to handle your roofing needs therefore, ensure that they are certified. You can also take advantage of the fact that reputable repair companies offer additional warranties for their services, thereby keeping you covered throughout much of the initial periods of your roofing. Consult with a Toronto Roofing Company professional to respond to all your questions concerning roofing choices.

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